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To Zero Tolerance Alarm

Zero Tolerance Alarm B.V. is a global company operating in the security industry. We develop, manufacture and provide innovative security systems, including our own EU patented Zero Tolerance Alarm system.

Broad application

the advanced software can be configured and tailored to each customer’s specifications, making the Zero Tolerance Alarm adaptable to any environment


the Zero Tolerance Alarm’s small dimensions allow it to be built into practically any object

Patented/TÜV certified

our innovative Zero Tolerance Alarm system has a European patent and has TÜV Nord certification in the Netherlands

Theft prevention

the sensors of the Zero Tolerance Alarm system detect suspect movements in order to prevent and deter theft and (subsequent) damage


the Zero Tolerance Alarm is equipped with its own battery power source, allowing it to function as an autonomous unit, able to direct other security systems


the Zero Tolerance Alarm is not affected by external signals and, as such, cannot be traced or hacked

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